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E-LEARNING: ICD-10-CM Chapter 7: Diseases of the Eye
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Price: $49.95 | Member Price : $44.95
Product #: C10CM07EYE
Learning Category Includes products specific to addressing accurate code assignment, prospective payment systems, and official coding guidelines across multiple healthcare settings. Topics such as acute care inpatient, physician, facility outpatient, MS-DRG, APCs, OPPS, and IPPS.: InPatient/Physician Coding
Access Period: 12 months of access from date of activation.
CEUs: 1
Credit Description: AHIMA certificate is awarded upon sucessful completion of the course.
Price: $49.95| Member Price: $44.95
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This online course is ICD-10-CM coding training for experienced medical coders. Trust AHIMA's expertise for coding training, as the industry leader and authority in ICD-10 preparation.

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This one-hour course reviews ICD-10-CM Chapter 7: Diseases of eye and adnexa. Individuals will study the guidelines and conventions, and apply them to coding case scenarios. Coders in all settings (acute care and specialty settings) will benefit from this study of ICD-10-CM coding.

Featuring comparison between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM codes and guidelines, and leading up to realistic case studies, this course gives experienced coders the know-how to make the transition to ICD-10.

The overall objectives of this course are to:

  • Analyze the ICD-10-CM Chapter 7 categories (H00-H59)
  • Explain ICD-10-CM terminology as it relates to the eye and adnexa
  • Discuss the organizational changes of the eye and adnexa chapter
  • Accurately assign eye and adnexa codes to case scenarios

This course is for experienced medical coders. Before taking this course, and the other ICD-10-CM chapter-by-chapter short courses, students are expected to have an overall understanding of the ICD-10-CM coding system. The AHIMA course ICD-10-CM Overview: Deciphering the Code provides this level of understanding.

Course Collection Discount: Students receive a substantial discount by registering for AHIMA's full ICD-10-CM Coding: Online Course Collection, which includes this course. The collection consists of the ICD-10-CM Overview: Deciphering the Code course, plus all 22 chapter-specific courses.

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